Run away!
by Jessa Slade on February 16th, 2009


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With winter still firmly plunked on the Pacific Northwest in the form of gray skies, gray water and gray moods, this week’s topic about imagining our characters on winter holiday is particularly fun. What makes it even more fun for me, is that I’m not here! I’m in Chicago on break.

Yeah, the Windy City in February. Okay, so it’s not where most people — or characters — dream of spending a few free winter days. But I have a bit of research to do. As I mentioned once before, Liam and Jilly, the leads from Book 2, get into a spot of trouble on the ‘L,’ the elevated train tracks downtown. I also need to make a run through Chinatown, go dancing at a cool nightclub, and hit up this supposedly awesome bra boutique, which are all things my hero and heroine do. Yes, even the underwear shopping. Although the hero did that, so you know it’s fiction. I would PAY my hero to go bra shopping for me.

But I digress. That’s what happens when you’re slacking on vacation.

Actually, my heroes don’t get much time off. Saving the world, blah blah. Their version of downtime is sharpening their weapons. If Sera and Archer from Book 1 were contemplating glossy four-color brochures of potential holidays away, their conversation might go something like this:

Sera: You’d look fantastic in that Speedo, love.

Archer: Where would I keep my bad-ass recurved demon-slaying ax? Would that count as a carry-on or personal item?

And that would be the end of Sera and Archer’s Caribbean adventure. So until they rid the world of evil, they’re stuck in Chicago. And I’m with them for a long weekend.

If you could put aside your saving of the world for a weekend, where would you want to go right now?

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    [...] blogging today at Silk And Shadows about characters on vacation.  Which is fortuitous since I’m on vacation — just a [...]

  2. 2

    Hey, I wouldn’t want Sera and Archer’s potential vacation to go to waste, so I’d gladly step in and brave some tropical island on their behalf. I know, I already live in the subtropics, but you can never have too much in the way of palm trees, balmy beaches and frozen rum runners!

  3. 3

    Have fun doing research (and shopping, and eating out, and …)

  4. 4

    Yes! Run away! Love that killer bunny. Bunnies are perilous. (snort!) My husband does not get Monty Python.

  5. 5

    I have two islands in mind. I’m dreaming of spending a month in Ireland, another month in Australia. I’m a sucker for history from the mouths of the locals. This means I have to acquaint myself with the local brews and pubs.

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