Special guest: Lynda Hilburn
by Sharon Ashwood on May 20th, 2009

Okay, we’ve already established that I have a huge soft spot for vampires and LOVE a good vamp series. So, it’s with great pleasure that I introduce today’s special guest, Lynda Hilburn. Her Kismet Knight series combines steamy romance, dry humour, and a fascinating look at the dark paranormal underground–all through the eyes of a psychologist. And, yeah, since she’s often gazing at ubervamp Devereux, I don’t mind the view at all.

For a taste of the series, the second book has a really fun trailer here.

And if that isn’t enough of a treat, leave a comment today, and win a copy of your choice of The Vampire Shrink or Dark Harvest!

Your “vampire shrink” novels feature Kismet Knight, a psychologist. How does your own life experience tie into these books?

My main character, Psychologist Kismet Knight, is an idealized version of me. She’s younger, prettier, thinner and having LOTS more fun with all the great men she encounters in the dark world she discovers. I get to live vicariously through her. I’m still hoping I’ll find a gorgeous vampire sitting in my waiting room one evening.


The supernatural world you build for these books is very unique. Would you share a little bit about that?

In my books, the hidden world of the vampires exists alongside the everyday, contemporary world we humans know. I wanted to make the books as realistic as possible, so the only truly fictional/fantasy characters are the vampires. All the other characters (ghosts, psychics, witches, wizards) inhabit the “real” world I’m familiar with. Because I wanted to retain a sense of mystery and an edge of fear about the bloodsuckers in Kismet’s life, they’re separate from the mortals they feed upon (vampires don’t need to kill the humans they drink from, but some choose to). Humans might be able to sense their presence in an unconscious way – the same instinctual reactions triggered by any predator – but Kismet’s clients haven’t “come out of the coffin.” My vampires don’t feel bad or shameful about being the undead. They enjoy drinking blood and, since it isn’t easy to become a vampire, many of them feel superior to mortals. Being shadowy creatures of the night, my vampires can’t go out in the sunlight, but they do have reflections in mirrors and they aren’t affected by religion or religious objects in any way. Many of them have used their long lives to gain wisdom and knowledge of all kinds. I have a strong interest in higher consciousness topics and the metaphysical, so my vampires can use their minds to control and mesmerize, and since they don’t share human limiting beliefs about the nature of time and space, they can move through both freely.


How does your hero, Devereux, fit into this world?

Devereux is one of the oldest vampires on Earth. His ancestry consists of wizards, witches and seers, so he brought a lot of skills, abilities and talents to the table (to the coffin? LOL) when he became a vampire 800 years ago. He’s a powerful leader in the parallel world of the undead, and for most of his existence he has preferred the past to the present – which is why he uses antiquated words and has a humorous grasp of contemporary English. He owns a huge club in downtown Denver called The Crypt (based on a real club called The Church), and humans mingle freely there, unaware that the individuals serving those bloody Marys really are what they appear to be. Devereux has visions, and he’s been waiting for a particular human woman with long dark hair and blue eyes for centuries. Now if he would only tell her why . . .


What is it about Kismet that attracts the attention of the vampires?

Kismet has special meaning to Devereux, a powerful leader in the hidden vampire world. Most of the bloodsuckers have no idea why this human woman is significant, they just know not to cross Devereux.

What’s upcoming from the pen of Lynda Hilburn?

I’m working on the third book in the Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist series as well as expanding a separate vampire novella into a novel, and brainstorming an outline for a story about a couple of psychics who live in my hometown of Boulder, Colorado.

Where can we find you on the web?




If you had a vampire show up at your doorstep asking for a romantic encounter, what would he bring as a gift, and what would be the PG13 part of his evening plans?

This is my favorite fantasy! Every time I open my office door, there’s a brief moment of hope that a mysterious stranger will be there, smiling with a hint of fangs! He’d be very much like Devereux – gorgeous and shimmering with power. He’d know about my love of antique necklaces, so he’d gift me with one that matches my eyes. Then he’d whisk me off to London (in the blink of an eye) to a private club in a castle, where we’d dance until dawn. Okay. Now I won’t be able to get that out of my brain . . . Kismet will have to live that experience for me.

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  1. 1

    Welcome, Lynda!

    You’ve built a very unique and vivid world with your books. There’s nothing as appealing as a very wise, very experienced, very powerful guy whose destiny includes you. (sigh) Devereux sounds terrifically hot! And The Crypt sounds like a great place to party.

  2. 2

    Thank you for having me at Silk and Shadows today, Sharon! I appreciate the opportunity to meet all your wonderful blog readers! I’ll stop back by between clients today.

    Hi, Annette! Devereux is quite the stud muffin!! grin.

    Hugs, Lynda

  3. 3

    Welcome, Lynda! Thanks so much for joining us today.

  4. 4

    Hello Lynda,

    I’ve not had the pleasure of reading your work but would love to. It sounds fascinating. Please count me in for the contest. Have a great day.

  5. 5

    I saw the cover for Dark Harvest awhile back, and I meant to put it on my TBR list, but somehow forgot. Now I’m glad to see it here, cuz the Book Gods have smiled upon me and let me know the name of the book :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. 6

    I find it interesting that a lot of authors have re-written the vampire lore regarding religion. Why did you choose to do so with yours? Oh, and do your vampires need to sleep on their native dirt? I always found that one particularly silly. After all, if you’re an earthling, all earth is your native dirt, right? :lol:

    Thanks for the interesting interview!

  7. 7

    Hi Lynda. Great interview. Your books sounds good. Love the covers. :smile:

  8. 8

    Hi Lynda. Great interview. Your books sound good. Love the covers. :smile:

  9. 9

    Hi Lynda:

    I saw the Vampire Shrink a few months ago in the book store, I was in a rush (you should never be in a rush at the book store!) so I noted the author and title in my head and thought to look it up later. Of course I forgot both and only remembered what the cover looked like (awesome covers by the way!) Thank you Silk and Shadows for having Lynda Hilburn as your guest author! Now I can remember! I look forward to reading them. :smile:

  10. 10

    I’ve been wanting to read this series, just haven’t been able to buy them yet. I think they sound wonderfully unique and I love the cover to the first book. Yum-O!

    Glad to hear there’s a third book coming out.

  11. 11

    Hi Lynda.
    Great interview! Your characters sound amazing.

  12. 12

    Hello, sounds like you are really on to something with your series. I’m glad that I have found out about your books. This is a series that sounds like it is right up my alley!

  13. 13

    Hi Lynda and Sharon

    Just dropping by to say hello and that I think you are both terrific writers!

    No need to enter me in the contest I have both of Lynda’s excellent Kismet novels and am looking forward to reading number 3.

  14. 14

    Your characters sound absolutely mesmerizing.

  15. 15

    Hugs for having me, Sharon!

    Hi, Roberta! Thanks for commenting! Nice to meet you.

    Ashley: Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad the book cover could jog your memory!

    Zita: I think vampires became another symbol for peoples’ moral struggles and various authors have defined vampires as demons in a religious sense. I don’t share those views, and the things I love about vampires have nothing to do with religion, so I just left out some aspects that have no meaning for me, and added elements I enjoy (metaphysics, higher consciousness), while keeping the scary parts! I don’t address the issue of native dirt one way or another. If a reader needs to hold onto that bit of mythology, there’s no reason she/he can’t imagine appropriately! Thanks for asking!

    Hi, CrystalGB! Great to see you here. Thanks for stopping by!

    Susan G: I’m so happy you remembered my book! I’ll tell Medallion’s art department that you like the covers. They’ll be glad to hear that! Thanks for commenting.

    Hi, Jody F: I’m glad you like The Vampire Shrink’s cover! I get a lot of feedback about it from readers (some find it scary, others say it’s erotic). Yes, I’m madly working on the third book and will keep my blog updated with news.

    chey: Nice to meet you! Thanks for commenting today!

    Hi, Sherry: Thanks so much! I hope you like the books. I certainly loved writing them.

    Patricia! So nice to see you! Thank you for your kind words about my books. Cyber hug coming your way . . .

    OK. Back to work. So many clients, so little time . . . grin.

  16. 16

    I’m always looking for new authors and vampire series to read! Sounds good.

  17. 17

    I appreciated Kismet’s sensible attitude toward the strangeness that surrounds her. She must get that from you, Lynda, since you have great plans for the vamp that shows up on your doorstep. Jewelry and castles sound divine.

    Speaking of divine, Zita’s question is interesting. I always though the allergy to religious icons seemed wonky. I mean, if you establish that vamps are physical beings walking this earth, then they might be allergic to garlic (even deathly so, like some people are to peanuts) but how could an image be deadly?

    Wait, I take that back. Having seen my own reflection some mornings, maybe I can understand how an image might be utterly debilitating. Bed head = dead.

  18. 18

    I am always pleased to find another vampire series. Thank you for leading me to yours

  19. 19

    I’m another who’s been wanting to try your books and not yet done so. Always great to have a reminder by catching an interview. Thanks for sharing your time with us and giving us a chance to win one of your books.

  20. 20

    Great interview!

    A friend of mine is plugging your books within our reader group for a while now and thanks to her I have the Kismet Knight series on my enormous wishlist.

  21. 21

    My vampire would bring a bag of O+ to give me after my transformation.

  22. 22

    AHA! I did something similiar to Susan G. ‘cept I was surfing on Amazon when I came across the book and in my rush, I noted it in my head and then remembered the cover but forgot the title and author. But yay! Thanks for the reminder! :grin:

  23. 23

    What a great interview. I will never get enough good Vampires series of books. They are my favorites to read.

  24. 24

    I always love how an author can take the same basic information and create their own world with their own rules. Then they invite readers to visit. Thank you for giving us a peek behind the curtain.

  25. 25

    So interesting!

    In addition to the metaphysical & conciousness issues – which add so much to the texture and conflict of the story – I’m fascinated by the psychological aspects.

    Moral development, for example, is affected by fears of punishment and death – concepts that apply far differently to a superstrong & ancient vampire. And how about that whole Fruedian thing?

    Oooh, so much to consider, I can’t wait to get my copy!

  26. 26

    What a wonderful group of participants here today! I appreciate you!

    Hi, Joanne: Mesmerizing — isn’t that a great word? I’m happy my characters sound that way to you!

    Teresa: Nice to meet you. Thanks for commenting.

    Jessa: LOL! I know what you mean about bed head! The roots of the vampire myths are fascinating and it’s fun to note how each author works with the information. I did try to make Kismet’s reaction to the paranormal realistic: if I wouldn’t buy the story, she probably wouldn’t either!

    Hi, Stacy: Thanks for commenting!

    Michele B: I’m always happy to give a reminder, grin! Thanks for stopping by.

    Dear Pearl: PLEASE thank your friend for me for plugging my books in your reader group! Word of mouth is so important to authors. I’m happy my books are on your list. Thanks so much for sharing that!

    bridget3420: LOL! Wouldn’t you rather have a bite of the real thing? grin.

    Jacqueline: Always happy to oblige!! Thanks for remembering.

    Me too, Mary. There just aren’t enough hours or days to read about all the vampires. But we can keep on trying! Thanks for commenting!

    Hi, Lindsey: Glad you enjoyed the peek! Thanks for stopping by today.

  27. 27

    Great to have you here today, Lynda! This sounds like a fabulous blend of sensuality, humor and your own cool take on the vampire theme! I love the notion of your vamps not being constrained by space or time. Wish I were like them!

  28. 28

    the books sound like great reads.
    please enter me in the giveaway

  29. 29

    Looks like I’ve found a new series to read. Love the covers too. Maybe I’ll be lucky and win a book. :)

  30. 30

    Hi, Cyntia: Yes, the psych aspects fascinate me too. That’s the lens I view the world through. Punishment and death absolutely don’t have the same meaning for vampires! Thanks for commenting!

    Allison: Me, too! It’s nice to meet you!

    ejg: Thanks for stopping by.

    Laura: I hope you’re lucky, too. Thanks!

  31. 31

    Thank you for stopping by and giving us some backround about the books and characters. They sound like a welcome addition to vampire lore.

  32. 32

    I’m so happy to be here, Jeanette! Thanks for the warm welcome.

  33. 33

    Hi Lynda, I absolutely loved Kismet and Devereux in The Vampire Shrink! I am looking forward to getting Dark Harvest and see what transpires. Thank you so much for sharing your writing with those of us who love to read!

  34. 34


    Thank you so much for visiting with us on Silk & Shadows today! What a fascinating world you’ve created in your books! You’ve put a really out-of-the-box spin on your vampires!


  35. 35

    Dear Gypsie: I’m so happy you like Kismet and Devereux! Thank you for sharing that with me! I hope you like Dark Harvest, too.

    Kim: Thank you so much for the kind words! Out-of-the-box — that’s me! grin. It was so great being here. What a warm place.

  36. 36

    :smile: Hi Lynda,
    I honestly never read your books before but I certainly will now. :) I love the world you have created. Love vamps especially when they sound like Devereux.
    My vamp would have to show up with a beautiful piece of antique jewelry, since I love it so much and then just an evening alone dining and wining each other. :)
    Carol Luciano

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