Projects for our copious free time
by Sharon Ashwood on July 29th, 2009

This is getting up late because a) I lost my blog post somewhere in the mysterious recesses of my laptop and b) it’s about 4,000 degrees outside and my brain is melting. (If you’re down east and wondering where the sunshine is, we’ve got a double dose over here on the coast) Then I tried to get fancy with the photos and that led to hours of futzing around with software I don’t really understand.

So apparently one of my hobbies is making excuses :smile:

I love my garden. It’s mostly herbs, but I took a pic of one of my latest additions. It’s a Bela Lugosi lily. I bought the bulb because the name amused me and it was one of those sad, end-of-season sale bin plants, but it turned out to be quite a beautiful addition and worth the wait of a couple of years while it grew big enough to flower. This is its debut performance:


I like reading old herbals and old cookbooks. This leads to a lot of experimentation, which is not always welcomed by one’s housemates. Once upon a time I had a Long Suffering Roommate. Conversations tended to go like this:

LSR: What’s this in the back of the fridge?
Me: Mandrake seeds. They need the cold to sprout
LSR: Okay. So why is there a tray of dirt in the oven?
Me: Those seeds need dark to sprout.
LSR: Uh huh. So what’s this in the freezer?
Me: Chicken feathers.
LSR: Okay. Ordering in dinner.

We’re still very close friends, believe it or not. The feathers, BTW, were for a mask-making project.

I’ve never been the wonderful needlewoman either of my grandmothers were (and have never, ever mastered knitting) but I do like sewing. I’m a great one for getting something about half done and forgetting about it. This unicorn sat on the embroidery frame for about four years before I finally finished it:


Some people would accuse me of buying cloth and other textile items because I’m just a sucker for pretty colours. I’m of the theory cloth has to age properly before it’s ready to sew. I have a closet full of projects just awaiting the right degree of ripeness before I crack open the patterns. Someday–wouldn’t want to rush the procrastination process, right?

Are there any people with “someday” projects out there?

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    In high school I started a cross stich pattern of my future college Block C with mascot. When I graduated from college my mom gave me the finished product framed – she’d had to do the last four lines of it as I’d just left it in the hoop. It even has a bit of rusted needle stain on it where I’d left the needle for, oh five years.

    However, she can’t say a thing as she is STILL working on stiching and quilting a bedcover that she received as a wedding gift in 1960. She promised my little brother she’d finish it for his wedding and he just celebrated his 15th anniversary.

    By the way, the plants that have survived all summer sitting outside Lowes, Home Depot or Walmart and now cost only 25 cents are the BEST plants to purchase. If they can live through all the non-watering/over-watering/heat/cold/being knocked about that occurs in those shops, surely they can thrive in the actual ground, IMHO!

  2. 2

    Robin, great idea on the poor remaindered plants! We’ll call them all Darwin.

    I don’t want to talk about my procrastinated projects. They mock me enough as it is. I have a craft closet full of pieces’n'parts of my grand attempts at watercolor, enameling, needlework… I’m like one of those feisty Regency heroines who just can’t be ladylike. In fact, I’m wearing britches right now. Shocking.

  3. 3

    I made a knitted afghan that took me 7 years to complete. I finally had to join a “Stitch & Bitch” group so that I actually would finish it. Having said that, I started a knitted jacket project that’s been sitting in a box now for over 10 years. I’m pretty sure it’s out of style, but I’m equally sure the style will come back any day now. When it does, I will dig out the box and finish the jacket :???: Really, I will…

  4. 4

    Great idea about the stitching group, Zita! Maybe I’d actually finish the cross-stitch angel I started in about 1992 …

  5. 5

    HEY! We have Bela Lugosis lilies too! Who can turn a flower with that name down? Not you and I apparently! We also have the Devil’s Trumpet — big purple trumpet flowers. Love your unicorn!

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