A room of her own
by Jessa Slade on August 24th, 2009

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I am now contracted for four novels of the Marked Souls, so I am booked until 2011 and I’ll be writing like a fiend for most of that time.  Plus, the first book is coming out in October, and I’m get ready to knuckle down to the next two months of intense non-writing writing life stuff like promotions, book signings, and inventing new ways to avoid vacuuming.  So I’ve been thinking about whether my writing space serves me as well now that I’m a working writer.

I’ve posted this picture before, but let’s review.  Here is my office as it is today:


With the exception of the large mammal who isn’t me sitting at on the desk, overall this is a serviceable space.  It has all the key writerly pieces: A computer and a chair.  And Super Glue in the top front drawer.  Plus, it has a few extras: A cabinet to hold my junk, stacking cubbies to hold my more immediately necessary junk (dictionary, thesaurus, my writer’s altar, more Super Glue), inspirational art, and various writing buddies like my dog and geckos.

I know many writers crammed into closets and carving out chunks of the kitchen table every night who would be happy to have my space (with the possible exception of the dog) and so I am profoundly grateful to have it.


I’m thinking I might need something more inspirational, considering all the pressure I’m under.  Maybe I need a satellite office.  Maybe somewhere warm and sunny…


Okay, maybe not.  The potential for distraction — not to mention a serious sunburn, always a consideration for the pasty, stuck-at-the-desk types – is too high.  And I need something with a little more discipline.  Maybe someplace like…


Right.  Those walls are kind of helpful, holding in all the good ideas, concentrating my concentration.  But there’s still something a little off about this set up…


Ah, there we go.  Now the walls are on the right side.  The perfect office for the working writer.

Except somebody left the door open…

How about you?  Whether you are a writer, a quilter, a mom, or whatever, do you need freedom or discipline to get your work done?  Does the view out your window inspire you or distract you?  Or is it all a matter of balance?

8 comments to “A room of her own”

  1. 1

    I need discipline. Big daydreamer here. My desk faces the wall–not the window–for a very good reason!

  2. 2

    That is Hilarious!! I am so with you on the one sitting on the beach. *sigh* But I agree, I’d end up staring at the water and listening to the waves all day and get NOTHING done. So much for great ideas. LOL

  3. 3

    I need fear - knowing I’ll be in big trouble if I don’t fulfill my contract! But put me down for possibility #2, the castle. That would be all the inspiration I need!

  4. 4

    For me, it’s less about the view and more about the ambiance. I need to get lost in the protag’s environment to attain ‘deep POV.’ Dark and gloomy? I’m in a room with light-stopping curtains and rough wood walls. Light and carefree? Out on the porch (weather permitting). However, no matter the mood I am trying to achieve, the beasts are always in attendance. :lol:

  5. 5

    Jessica, isn’t it funny how sometimes staring out at the waves is “brainstorming,” and sometimes it’s “total slacker goofing off”?

    KAK, that’s it! We need a mansion with one room for each mood. Plus, that would be a great setting for a reality television show featuring writers.

    Hi, Allison! Yay, fear!

  6. 6

    My problem is that the tool I use for work is also an evil temptress. Microsoft Word lives on my MacBook. So do the intrawebs, with quick and easy access to all my favorite portals of distraction …

  7. 7

    bwwahaha! “Battle of Genres” Where aspiring authors compete for a five-book deal and $100,000 advance from NYC Big Pub, tonight on FOX.

    I’m thinkin’ a castle in Hungary would be the perfect “house” for the reality cast.

  8. 8

    KAK, $100K?! I am willing to sell my book, my soul, and small pieces of my MomMom (she’ll understand) for the chance to be a contestant on that show.

    I’d shriek, pull hair, cry, and sabotage my “friends’” manuscripts by adding lots of adverbs. Oh, and I’d eat bugs.

    I would not sacrifice my online “research” time, since as Sharon points out, I use it for “work.”

    Okay, I’m kidding, but now I’m thinking that it’d be an awesome (and scary) blog topic: What would you REALLY be willing to do for your story?

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