Server chat malfunction
by Sharon Ashwood on September 29th, 2009

We’re very sad to say that the chat scheduled for September 29 has been postponed to a later date. The Coffee Time Romance site is down for maintenance. We’re not sure why, but we hope they get well soon!

We’re very sorry that we can’t chat with you today! We’ll let you know when we reschedule.


5 comments to “Server chat malfunction”

  1. 1

    :lol: This is the cutest little face I have ever seen.
    Carol L.

  2. 2

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to make sure you got Coffee TIme Romances email I sent you through this site- It expalins why changes are going on at Coffee Time Romance & More. Fingers crossed that our site will be back up soon. :mrgreen:
    Chat Coordinator
    Coffee Time Romance & More

  3. 3

    Sorry, Sabrina, we didn’t get it. Would you please resend aný details we need to know? Good to hear things are on the mend!

  4. 4

    I just sent another email let me know if you get it! :wink:

  5. 5

    Um, no – where are you sending it? We tested the contact page, and it’s working fine. Could you send it to me directly at

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