Thankful for Every Day
by KimLenox on November 29th, 2009

I’ve started writing this post about five times, and each time deleted my words because they sound so SAPPY! Maybe I am sappy?

I am! I am sappy! It’s okay, because it’s Thanksgiving.

Did you travel for Thanksgiving? I did! Just a few hours, by car.

As a few other Silk & Shadows authors have mentioned, 2009 has been a difficult year in many ways. Yes it has! But as you can see from their posts (and mine!) challenging times have a way of bringing life into focus. What am I most thankful for? That’s such an easy question to answer — my family.

I could list out a million other things I’m thankful for, but that’s my Numero Uno Answer.

Thanksgiving is about family and friends and … well, YA — food! I think cornbread stuffing (or “dressing”) is my favorite dish.

What’s yours? Even if you aren’t from the US, what’s your favorite traditional “gathering” food?

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    Sappy is fine at the holidays! My favorite part is all the desserts. I like a bite of everything. Yum.

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