Ready… Set… Resolve!
by Jessa Slade on January 4th, 2010

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Last week, I talked about how at the end of the year, I like to look back and see what I learned (if anything).  So of course the start of the new year is a time to look forward.

Because I’m looking forward and see mostly a monstrous looming deadline, I was gonna totally cheat and review last year’s resolutions… maybe cut’n'paste since I never keep my New Year’s Resolutions anyway…  Imagine my horror when I scrolled back and realized I totally cheated last year and didn’t actually write down any resolutions at all!

Who’s in charge of these things?

So, okay, fine, this year, I resolved to make real resolutions.  But I decided resolutions aren’t enough, since we all hear stories (I think I might have just mentioned one) about how nobody keeps their New Year’s Resolutions.  This year, each resolution (a “how”) is backed up by a goal (a “what”) and a dream (a “why”).  That way, whenever I’m tempted to not keep my resolution, I’ll be able to see what I was trying to accomplish and — more importantly — why.

Add 10 minutes to my daily workout.  (Since my daily workout is currently zero if I don’t count the dog walks, this should be achievable, even for a slug like me.)
Goal: Stave off the cookie-induced metabolic collapse I’m told is in my near future.
Dream: Touch my toes with my head on my knees — Literally, I’ve had this dream, like, a half dozen times in the last two years, and I’ve never been able to bend completely in half like that.

First attempt: I’m typing this while sitting on an exercise ball.  My 1950s office chair (complete with cigarette burns!) is the antithesis of ergonomic, and I can’t splurge on a real chair right now.  I read that people stuck for long hours on computers can benefit from rolling around on a ball.  It’s definitely more fun than a chair. 

Increase my writing pace by 500 words every night by June; increase by another 500 words by this time nex year.
Goal: Write faster.  (This is my eternal goal; I should just say that now.)
Dream: Sneak a new book into my writing schedule.

First attempt: In the rush to The End of Book 3, I have to actually meet my old resolution on word count.  I figure that’s a place to start before stretching forward.

 Say once nice thing about my achievements aloud every day week.
Goal: Transition my Eeyore mindset to a more Piglet philosophy.
Dream: Learn to assess my fears and wishes in alignment with the truth of the challenges that face me.

First attempt: I haven’t fallen off my balance ball.  Yet. 

I’m off to a great start!  Update coming next year!

5 comments to “Ready… Set… Resolve!”

  1. 1

    I don’t make resolutions because I never seem to keep them. However, this would be my wish list of improvements I would like to make to myself this new year.

    1. Only eat 1 toaster strudel for breakfast instead of two. (I say that after just scarffing down two of them)
    2. Keep up with my emails. (I had over 600 yesterday that I had to get rid of, took me way to long)
    3. Get out of the house more. (I’m a homebody and seriously don’t get out that much)
    4. Read more books
    5. Try to force myself to read a non-fiction book every once in a while.
    6. Be a better friend ( This kind of goes along with my getting out of the house more)

    You notice I didn’t resolve to do these things, but they are things I would like to improve.

  2. 2

    I do make a couple of resolutions every year but don’t think I’ve been successful so far!

  3. 3

    Linda, I used to be a huge Pop Tart fan so I understand the challenge you’ve undertaken!

    And I think improvements make even more sense than resolutions, because often it’s more realistic to get BETTER at something than to think we will ever achieve PERFECTION.

    (Said the perfectionist.)

  4. 4

    Tamsyn, I’ve just have roll-over resolutions that carry from year to year. It’s kind of like recycling :)

  5. 5

    Sigh. Exercise! Most days I leave the house before it gets too light and get home after dark (and I’m tired!), so my best bet is exercising at work. The stairs? That would be great exercise, but they are so … creepy!

    Clearly I need to win the lotto, so I can skip the whole work inconvenience! :smile:

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