Unfortunate Realities
by KimLenox on January 17th, 2010

I think that I’ve mentioned on this blog before that apocolyptic/post-apocolyptic stories always make me a little nervous. There are so many apocolyptic books and movies from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s that have featured scenes or incidents that have in many ways come to pass. But still, I’m riveted by post-apocolyptic stories. I’ve got Cormac McCarthy’s THE ROAD on my bedside table, because I want to read it before I see the movie.

I also love a more tongue-in-cheek type despair and destruction — SHAUN OF THE DEAD anyone? I thought that movie, and its multitudes of lurching, moaning zombies was hysterical!

I think the one thing that pulls me toward apocolyptic stories is that I know the characters are usually unwilling heroes and heroines. Because of the terrible circumstances, they have to find the best inside themselves, and fight with every ounce of their strength and willpower for an optimistic and hopeful tomorrow.

We’ve all watched the news this week. The people of Haiti who survived the earthquake must feel like they’ve survived an apocolypse. It’s my hope and prayer for them that they will find comfort in one another and in the good wishes of the world around them, and somehow find a bright tomorrow.

My husband and I donated money today to a relief agency, and my kids and I are filling “personal care” bags that are being collected by another charity for distribution to Haitians in need.

Have you done something this week to support the efforts in Haiti? Even if it is just to stay informed and give your emotional support, feel free to share.

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    I donated to Doctors Without Borders. I like their mission and they get consistently good marks with Charity Navigator.

    Seeing the depth of the need, though, it’s sometimes hard to believe any amount can make a difference :sad:

    That’s why I like my apocalypse stories penned by romance writers. I can be assured the victory of love, hope, justice, and peace.

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