A Million Tiny Dreams
by Annette McCleave on January 19th, 2010

At any other time, I’d have had a lot of fun with this topic—my first million dollars. But I confess that I’m having a harder time dreaming of fun stuff after the Haiti earthquake. Like many writers, I’m a highly empathetic person—I need to be to get into the heads of my characters and make them come to life on the page.

But that empathy is knocking me for a loop right now.

I find it all too easy to imagine what it would be like to experience the devastation Haiti is currently living through. Losing loved ones, feeling helpless and lost, desperately struggling to get food and water for my family. I’ve remained riveted to the news casts, cried over some of the video and pictures, and felt ill over the impotence of the people on the ground trying to help. The situation so terribly hard on all of the people there.

It makes me feel incredibly lucky to have the things I have (and take for granted)—fresh running water, shelter, food, and safety for my daughter.

I do love to dream, though. I believe in the power of those dreams and the importance of occasional mental escape. Life can be very hard. Overwhelming, sometimes. Dreams are a facet of hope—and hope is all some people have. Dreaming of a better life, be it a simple vision or one of being rich, can make the current situation more bearable and lead us past the grief.

Here’s to powerful dreams and a better life for all.

2 comments to “A Million Tiny Dreams”

  1. 1

    Yes, when you see the suffering there, it’s hard to believe even a million could make a dent. And then when you think of all the other trouble spots pushed to the back burner while we focus on this…

    I was just reading about the conservation of energy in the universe, and it made me wonder if there’s a static amount of suffering too :sad:

  2. 2

    Belated comment here, Annette, but had to agree. When I see things happening in the world like Haiti or the tsunami or Katrina, I feel so incredibly fortunate and blessed…and all the problems I thought I had somehow lose their priority in life (at least for a little while). Powerful dreams are definitely the way to go, however…they’re the stuff of change.


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