Joss Ware guest blogs!
by Sharon Ashwood on January 21st, 2010

For those who might be curious about the Lou Waxnicki videos we’ve posted over the last while, here’s the scoop! Joss Ware has not only been good enough to write a blog about her new series, but she’s also doing a giveaway. We’d asked her to put a few zombies up for grabs, but apparently shipping is a problem (once assembled, there’s no putting them back together) and most delivery companies refuse to deal with parcels that persist in devouring the courier’s brains. So, we moved on to plan B.


Joss will send a free, signed copy of Beyond the Night to one lucky reader randomly selected from all who provide a written comment about what sort of building they’d want to live in if they had to “rebuild” after the world as we know it went through an apocalyptic change.


My new series is a paranormal romance set in a post-apocalyptic world, about fifty years after the major catastrophic events that destroyed most of the human race and the bulk of its infrastructure.

So many people have asked me how I got the idea, and why I went from writing historical vampire hunter novels (The Gardella Vampire Chronicles) to writing a post-apocalyptic romance series. Well…

I’ve read so many thriller novels (Clive Cussler anyone?) and seen tons of movies where the safety of the world is at stake, where the villains are power-hungry people bent on destroying the human race as we know it. In the end, the good guys and gals always get there in time to foil their plans…but, I thought one day, what if, one time, they didn’t?

That’s where I got the idea to write a series set in a world in which the bad guys actually succeeded with their plan…and now the good guys have to not only find a way to survive in this new world, but also to destroy the villains.


Unlike the world of Mad Max and his Thunderdome, the world of Envy (which is the largest city in this post-cataclysmic environ) is one of lush overgrowth and Mother Nature flexing her muscles, showing Man that she is, after all, The Boss. Now that man is not there to maintain his buildings, she’s taken over with a vengeance.

There are zombies, some villainous immortal beings who wear crystals and keep the humans repressed, and lots of wild animals on the loose. And, of course, some sexy heroes that appear on the scene to save what’s left of mankind from the immortal Strangers.

Fifty years after the Change, these five men emerge from a mysterious cave to find their world has been destroyed. Nothing is left.

While in the cave, these heroes have each acquired their own paranormal ability, and now must learn to live with the blessing—and curse—the new abilities offer. In the meantime, they join the fight of the Resistance against those who would repress the human race and find the women meant to be by their sides.

Action and adventure, romance and mystery abound in what I think of as a gritty, edgy world.


The first book, Beyond the Night, features Elliott Drake and the woman who helps him find a “home” in this new world. Her name is Jade, and she has her own baggage and secrets as well.

The second book, Embrace the Night Eternal, will be released in February, followed in March by Abandon the Night.

18 comments to “Joss Ware guest blogs!”

  1. 1

    Welcome to Silk and Shadows, Joss! Congrats on the new series. I can’t wait to read these books; the concept sounds terrific.

  2. 2

    Looking forward to your latest series and love your other one!

  3. 3

    Joss, your post-apocolyptic world sounds terrifying…and wonderful! As to what sort of building I’d like to live in, are there any surviving libraries?

  4. 4

    I would love to rebuild a bed-n-breakfast victorian house by the beach. I want to make peoples vacations special.

  5. 5

    Thanks for the welcome!

    @Allison…I’d say for sure there are libraries. Not sure how many books have survived, but at least a few. And you could always scavenge the other stores for more….

    @Caitlin An old B&B would be really fun too. I wonder how many antiques would survive. :-)

  6. 6

    Congrats on the new release, Joss. As long as the building has modern plumbing I think I’ll be fine.

  7. 7

    This new series sounds so wonderful, I can’t wait to read it. I have Beyond the Night on my wish list and will be picking it up soon.
    I think with all of the possible dangers in this new world, I’d want something safe, to keep the zombies out :smile: So I’d build a treehouse, or maybe build into a hillside or even make a home in a cave. Something I could defend and where I could relax and feel safe.

  8. 8

    Ha, I love it when the good guys have to fight back from oblivion. The come-from-behind race is always the best.

    After the apocalypse, I want to live on Pandora :lol:

  9. 9

    Congrats on the release!

    I think I would want the old stone house up on the hill. Easy to defend and cant set it on fire.

  10. 10

    Hi :)
    Thank you for the great post. I love the inception of the story. What a great idea! And I’m looking forward to reading the series. I’m glad they’re coming out in a “TessaDareTrilogy” (each book in the series coming out each subsequent month).
    All the best,

  11. 11

    Welcome to Silk and Shadows!

  12. 12

    I think I would like to live in a house by the sea. It would be very important that it had electricity and warm water.

  13. 13

    Congrats on the new series. I can’t wait to read it. I’d love a home surrounded by a mote, only let those ppl I like in lol

  14. 14

    The new series sounds very interesting. I’ve always enjoyed these sorts of stories, especially with zombies. One of my favourites is the Resident Evil series by SD Perry, and David Wellington’s Monster trilogy, of course! As for where to live after civilization collapses, I’m thinking the mall, provided it has a book store.

  15. 15

    I would have as complete “green” house as possible with lots of sunlight. I would pick a wooded area and have the house look a part of the woods so no one will be aware I am there!

  16. 16

    Wonderful to see you here today Joss the place that I would love to move into after civilization collapses would not be practical in application because of travel distance from where I am now but love to find a Castle on a rocky Scottish hillside like in the Highlands, lots of rock so harder to burn out, good view and if lucky water at my back for cutting off land approach in case of attack!

    jackie b central texas

  17. 17

    A house on the top of mountain, that has several secret passages to down hill. With A huge library in one of the Secret rooms inside the House :smile:

  18. 18

    I would want to be underground. It would be more climate controlled and safer from predators. I envision something from that tv show Beauty and the Beast.

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