Out of No Where
by KimLenox on June 13th, 2010

STATUS: Should be writing, but I’m sucked into a book…

My cleverist writing moments usually come flying out of no where. When I’m TRYING really hard to be clever, I usually end up with … blah. My clever usually makes an appearance when I’ve written myself into a terrible corner, and I can’t find my way out. But then, I do!

Like Annette, many of my epiphanies come when I’m dozing off at night. Lots of times they come when I’m in the shower. I keep stacks of blank note cards stashed around the house, and scribble out a few reminder words so I’ll remember the thought when I wake up, or for my next writing session. I also get ideas when I’m driving, and surprisingly, at work. (Ugh. Work!) My purse is full of those cards with scribbled phrases that would make no sense to anyone else.

I think it’s interesting that at those times, my writer self is usually turned off or at least into the “low” setting. I’m usually not thinking too much about my story, but it’s like my mind relaxes and my subconscious throws out just what I need to polish off a troublesome scene or an idea to take an existing scene up another level.

My dad used to help me with my algebra and geometry in high school. Sometimes, when we had a really difficult problem that he couldn’t figure out, he’d sleep on it. The next morning he’d wake up, and tell me, “Let me show you how to work that problem out.” What about you? Does your mind tend to work out problems when you’re near sleep, distracted or relaxing? Or are you more of a direct, active, attack the problem head on type problem solver?

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