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The Oops Factor of New Year’s Resolutions
by Our Guest on January 1st, 2009

I was never one for making resolutions. It had always seemed to me that the quickest and surest way to NOT achieve a goal was to make it a New Years resolution, because I’d never known anyone to pursue their resolutions beyond the month of January, if that. I believe that if you’re going to dedicate yourself to any sort of personal change, it’s got to happen gradually, from the inside out, and slowly become a part of who you are.

We’re wired from birth a certain way, and how we grow up does a lot to determine the stubbornness of that wiring. It takes a lot of work to reroute the circuits. Not a sudden “Hey, from today on I’m going to be this or do this,” but more of an evolutionary thing where each day you push yourself a little more, try to see yourself and your life a little differently, and work toward those changes you want to make. They just don’t happen overnight, which is why a lot of people get discouraged and give up so soon. I think the most important aspect of change comes from attitude, rather than from action, at least at first. 

Because New Years Resolutions are so hard to keep, and we do often stumble along the way, I call it the OOPS factor:

Open-mindedness — about who I am, my ability to grow and change, and about the world around me.  
Optimism — about the future, my own, my family’s, and the world’s
Produce — everyday, sit down to turn out my very best work.
Stay focused — on my work, my goals, my family, everything in life that’s important to me.

I’ll leave you with that, because it’s New Years Day and I went to bed around 3:00 last night, and my brain is tired! I’ll begin my fundamental changing tomorrow!

Happy New Year, Everyone!