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Giving thanks
by Jessa Slade on November 23rd, 2009

Currently working on: National Novel Writing Month (which, in order to meet my deadline, is actually National Novel Writing Quarter)
Mood: Is there an adjective for ‘hip waders’?

This is a thoughtful time of year for me.  The combination of the calendar’s end, the long hours of darkness, the overconsumption of carbohydrates, and those crazy “family newsletters” tucked into Christmas cards from people I haven’t heard from since last year — all contribute to a general feeling of contemplative consideration.

This year has been particularly noteworthy because my first book came out.


As a dream come true, “the year of the book” as my mom calls it also lent itself to multiple opportunities to fall on my knees in heartfelt, gleeful thanks.  I gave thanks for the sexy hero who made my lady friends go “ooh”; I gave thanks for my spectacular editor and agent who walked me through the maze; I gave a big sigh of relieved thanks when the book actually showed up on bookstore shelves last month and I could hold the dream in my hands…

I’m thankful for my writer friends who came out in White Russian-fueled giddiness to my first official booksigning; I’m thankful for the new reader friends who’ve sent me emails saying they liked the story and are waiting for the next one (me too!); I’m thankful for the idea butterflies (actually, some of them are dragons) that keep coming at me when I’m trying to sleep.

It’s been a difficult year too, with some of the world’s financial troubles echoed in my circle and in my home.  But I’m thankful it’s not worse, and I’m thankful those aforementioned idea dragons will always burn their way to the heart of a happy ending.  Hey, I’m thankful I write romance!

In the midst of my gratitude, of course, I also see all the ways I could’ve been/done/had better.  But that’s for New Year’s Resolutions.  For now…


(And you all can be thankful that my attempt to Photoshop a turkey under Archer’s arm was a miserable failure.)