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Love is all around us
by Jessa Slade on March 8th, 2010

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Love is blissful.  Love is beautiful.  Love is butterflies and bluebells.

And oh boy is that boring.

I write about blissful, beautiful, true-blue love… but not until the very last pages.  Because love — once it has reached the ever-after stage — is, well, not very compelling.  Sure, it’s great to be committed in real life.  But in the portrayal of love, the struggle, the learning of lessons, the discovery of strengths, the freshness, the denial, and the compromise is where the fun lies, I think.

Which is why my favorite commercials with romance tend to be less about the end-stage “He got me a big fat diamond — cue French horns and tears” and more about the silly or sweet or sarcastic sides of love.

I like this one for capturing that perfect moment of “love at first sight” along with a few of the really awkward moments that inevitably follow:

This commercial is using love to sell electronics.  I’ve seen commercials use love to sell cat food, toothpaste, gum, and cars.  What do you think; is there ANY product that can’t be sold with love?