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Comment for a chance to win a book!
by Jessa Slade on June 29th, 2009

This week’s topic at Silk And Shadows is daydreaming. 

So, in keeping with the theme, one commenter on any of this week’s posts (feel free to comment lots for extra chances to win!) will receive a copy of Shiloh Walker’s 2008 Berkley Sensation print release, THROUGH THE VEIL.

Lee Ross always knew she was not entirely human. But when the man who has plagued her dreams her entire life appears in the flesh, can she give up everything she knows to follow him to another realm?

Shiloh’s next e-book is an expanded reissue of THE REDEEMING out in July from Samhain.

Bred for destruction but longing for redemption, this second chance is all they have.

Faced with the choice of torment or redemption, Jonah accepts the bargain laid out by his guardian angel as he lies dying in the street alone. Change…or die. Not a hard choice, it seems. But then he meets Lily and has to wonder just what he’s agreed to by accepting this new life.

Even the angels call Lily unique—and she is. Born of a demon, but longing to be more, her one wish is granted—temporarily. But now her time is running out and she has an impossible task set before her. It doesn’t help that she can’t stop thinking of Jonah…or the very real demons that will come hunting her once they realize where she is.

With demons and angels tracking their every move, Jonah and Lily have a life to save before they can save themselves.

Leave a comment on any post this week for a chance to win.