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Crosstown traffic
by Jessa Slade on October 5th, 2009

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Ever since I read a review of the first season of 24 and the reviewer complained how nobody could travel around congested LA and still have time to save the world, I’ve been conscious of my characters’ modes of transportation.  What would a demon-possessed immortal warrior clan keep in their company fleet?


In Book 1 of The Marked Souls, the Chicago league has done well for itself over the centuries, and has invested in a sturdy collection of decent towncars and SUVs.  Nothing flashy, of course — wouldn’t want to draw attention to the end of the world, or anything – just need a few big trunks to haul the bodies around after a particularly grim night of demon-slaying.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances in Book 1, however (totally not my fault!) by Book 2, they are reduced to rougher rides.

I admit, part of the downgrading has to do with my own travel methods.  As long as all wheels spin in approximately the same direction, I don’t much care about style.  My car shows the dings of many a camping adventure (who knew a pot hole could get so big in a desert?), and my bike’s not much better — a no-speed cruiser with rust patches.  But, hey, it gets me to the dog park.

If our vehicles say something about us, my rides better keep their mouths shut.

And while we’re on the topic of movin’ movin’ movin’,  I have a little movie I’d like to share as I move one step closer to release day!