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Shopping, Sightseeing & House Hunting on the Web
by Our Guest on May 21st, 2009

Sorry to be posting so late today! I was all ready to post early this morning only to discover that our phones and internet were out, dead, nada, zip…and stayed that way all day. I love when the phone company says, “Yes, we’re aware of the problem. We should have it fixed by 6pm.”

Excuse me, 6pm??? Um, what am I supposed to do in the meantime??? Not their problem, apparently.

Problem finally fixed, so in between driving my daughter to work, picking her up, then driving her to the event she performed at with her chamber quartet, I finally managed to post.

I don’t do tons of web surfing these days, I just don’t. Between email, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and actual writing, who has time to surf?

But when I do play, one thing I truly love are costume sites. I’m addicted to historical fashion, and since I never really outgrew wanting to play dress up, I have to satisfy my obsession by perusing all the amazing gowns and things I would own if I just had a place to wear them.
The Fashion Era
A Visual Dictionary of Fashion
The History of Costume
or for the Ren Faire nerd in me, there are “shopping” sites:
Sophie’s Stitches
The Tudor Shoppe
The Renaissance Store

You’ll also catch me playing around various castle and historical sites, even when they don’t fit into any of my current research categories. The Castles of Wales is a particularly nice one. No, I’m not setting anything in Wales or the Middle Ages. I just want to live in a castle someday, so I tend to think of these as real estate sites.

I may be slow, but I only realized the value of this one a few months ago. In Google Maps, you can click on satellite and get aerial views of just about anywhere in the world. My current WIP is set in Bath, England, which I’ve never visited, so imagine my wild delight at being able to zoom in on places like the Royal Crescent, the Circus, Pump Room, etc. Holy crap! (Sorry, but stuff like this really excites me.)

Along those lines, England 360 is a fun site featuring panoramic views of various, absolutely gorgeous in England. Good for research, even better for dreaming.

Speaking of dreaming, here’s a great movie site: The Young Victoria. I would like to incorporate myself into this site – is that technologically possible yet? I also wish I could find this movie playing somewhere. Anybody heard anything about it?

As you can see, there’s a theme here. Even with modern technology, I tend to live in the past. Healthy? Probably not. But that’s me.