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Writing isn’t all hard work
by Jessa Slade on September 28th, 2009

Currently working on: Kicking Book 1 out of the nest. Fly, little Book 1, fly!
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That headline, by the way, is a total lie!  Writing is insanely hard work that involves sitting around and staring into space.

But!  Sometimes I have to step away from the insanely hard work of staring into space and go play with writing toys instead.  Because writing is insanely hard work, clever people (clever enough to not be writers) have sold me come up with many ways to make it feel as if writing is fun.

One new toy I’m playing with for Book 3 is a writing program called Liquid Story Binder. 

For years, I’ve wanted some story creation/writing software.  A friend suggested Liquid Story Binder (and it was half off) I decided to just do it.  And with screenshots like this — words! pictures! windows! more words! – what writer wouldn’t be suckered sucked in?

I’ve just started playing with it, but I already see the potential for enormous procrastination.  And power.  Isn’t that cool?  Now even my writing toys have a heroic flaw.

Another writing toy (and by toy, I mean toy-ture, as in thumbscrews and fingernail-pulling torture, except that a writer must keep her hands in tip-typing shape) is Dr. Wicked’s Write Or Die. 


Putting the prod in productivity, the site informs you.  In its strictest mode, this writing prompt will erase your words if you stop typing.  Just the thought is enough to terrify me into keeping my hands on the keyboard.

My newest toy, though, is for post-writing fun:

Using a terrible mishmash of softwares cobbled together from dubious online sources, I made a personality quiz for the Marked Souls to help you discover the nature of your inner demon.  This is the first quiz I’ve ever made, and I learned a lot about html, ftp, php and other random computer shorthand.  Which is the best kind of toy, don’t you think, one you learn from?

Leave a comment with the name of your demon any time this week and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a signed copy of SEDUCED BY SHADOWS.  Post the link to the quiz elsewhere (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.) and you’ll be double entered to win.