by Our Guest on December 25th, 2008
In both DARK OBSESSION and DARK TEMPTATION, my two sets of heroes and heroines find themselves having to deal with some pretty serious unfinished business in order for the souls of their dear departed loved ones to finally rest in peace. No small task, because while ghosts demand action, they can’t just snap their fingers and make things happen. They don’t really have fingers to snap, after all.  No, everything you’ve read about ghosts being able to physically manipulate the living world is pure poppycock — at least in the world I’ve created in my Blackheath Moor novels. So what’s an unsettled ghoul to do? Plague the living, of course.
But even that presents problems for the unliving. I guess there’s just something about crossing over between worlds that creates a bit of a disconnect when it comes to making their point, so they tend to circle the issue and use a lot of metaphors, which can be confusing to say the least. It’s enough to drive a living body crazy. Which could explain why both Grayson Lowell and Chad Rutherford tend to be a pair of deep, dark brooders — but sexy ones! So… what are my two intrepid couples doing this Christmas? I imagine them all hunkered down together at Chad’s seaside manor, Edgecombe, all cozy in front of a roaring fire while a fierce winter storm batters the landscape.
But are they alone, the four of them? Oh, no no! Because you know that once word got out among the deceased about how these two couples have become experts in finishing unfinished business, well, along with the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, every restless ghost, ghoul and spirit that happens to be haunting the earth will be lining up at their door for their chance to set unresolved matters straight. 
It’s going to be a busy and challenging holiday for the fab four, I should think. I imagine the manor being a lot like Hogwarts in the third Harry Potter movie, with ghosts on horseback riding in and out of the great hall while the kids calmly do their thing. Somehow, they’ve all agreed to respect one another’s planes of being and all go about their lively and unlively business.
I wouldn’t mind sharing my Christmas with a lonely ghost or two, because as scary as they can seem, for the most part they mean no harm. They just want someone to listen to their story and help find a solution to whatever is keeping them from finding eternal rest. Your reward just might be to free yourself from issues that have been plaguing you as well. So if a ghost ever appears to you and makes demands, instead of running for your life, stop, listen, and see what you can do for them.
This Christmas as family and friends gather, I think of family members who are no longer with us. Uncles, aunts, grandparents who have passed on, but continue to live in our memories and hearts. Year after year, we continue to share our Christmas with them, raising a glass, a smile, even a little laughter as we remember what it was about them that made us happy, that completed our family and our circle of friends.
Here at our home today we look fondly back at Christmas Past, we’re thankful for everything we have now in Christmas Present, and as we look into the faces of our two beautiful daughters, we look forward to all the blessings of Christmas Future.
Merry Christmas to all! 

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    This was a beautiful post, I really enjoyed it. I never thought about the fact that we all could still be having Christmas with ghost of our past.

  2. 2

    You’re right! The spirits of the season are all around us. Sometimes it’s just hard to hear them over the hustle and bustle.

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