by KimLenox on May 23rd, 2010

Sometimes it’s hard to balance the writing life with “everything else”. Writing is a very solitary activity, and it’s difficult for me, as a writer, to focus the way I need to if I feel like “everything else” is spinning out of control.

When I’m not working or writing, I’m spending time with the family, and with friends. Mundane daily events like sit-down meal time with the whole family and bedtime with the kids are precious events that keep me centered.

I also find that nature has a very balancing effect on my state of mind. I work full time, and nearly every evening the first thing I do after taking off the high heels is go plant my bare feet in the cool, green grass of the back yard. I go sit on the pier at the back of our property and throw bread (wheat, not white) to the fish. I especially love the big catfish and silvery carp that twist and turn under the surface of the water. BTW, this is where I’d hoped to insert a picture of my favorite catfish, coming up for a bite, but something is wonky with McAfee today. It’s refusing to let me visit many of my regular sites.

Back to topic - these daily habits are very comforting to me. How about you? Do you have any daily habits that, if absent, throw you off kilter?

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    I treasure the time I have to read. It’s usually late at night, and with the able assistance of my girl tabby cat, who always snuggles up when I’m holding a book (in contrast, my Demon Lord of Kitty Badness is not a great reader). It’s the time I need to settle down and relax before bed. Otherwise, I can’t sleep.

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    I think carp would make good pets to cuddle with while reading. With the exception of the slimy scales and gasping for air thing.

    I MUST have an evening snack that comes between the end of my official day and the start of my writing day. And it has to be chocolate. Without that, I feel very out of sorts. Not that I’m a chocoholic or anything…

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