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Best Bathroom Mirror Lighting Type

Best bathroom mirror lighting – By now we all know the importance of good lighting, whatever space to decorate and the purpose that will have. We have already commented on other occasions that incorporating adequate lighting can highlight and enhance the interior design that we have designed and can even take it as a decorative element protagonist (can be decorated only with light).  So we retake this section and we do it applying it to the baths, specifically to the illumination of mirrors and its different variants.

Horizontal application: Placed above the mirror and the same width of the mirror to illuminate it homogeneously. When it is of great proportions it looks especially. To achieve this there are several options: Vertical appliqués: On each side of the mirror, they can be narrow and elongated. It is the best option to look good (so the lights of the dressing rooms, with strips to the sides)

Walls between vertical best bathroom mirror lighting: When there are two toilets and each has its own mirror, vertical appliques can be placed, being the central shared by both. Like the previous option, it is one of the most comfortable to get a good reflection. Lighting with light bulbs: Typical of the dressing rooms. Besides being very useful for lighting directly from the mirror, it is ideal for achieving a theatrical aesthetic.

Best bathroom mirror lighting cabinet with its own light: In addition to storage, there are mirror cabinets that are designed with light. This is usually emitted by the top and bottom bathing the wall. However, depending on the quality of the light and the rest of the bathroom lighting, with this variant it is possible that we do not look good, especially for make-up, shaving, etc. It is ideal for baths of courtesy or of premises and hotel trade where it is not so necessary to be reflected clearly.


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