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Just a minute
by Jessa Slade on May 18th, 2009

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Who has free time anymore?  Not me.  And yet somehow I manage to eke out a few minutes every so often to visit a few websites that amuse or inspire me.  This is for my mental health, you understand.

The Onion

I was introduced to The Onion — which bills itself as America’s Finest News Source — when I picked up a huge bound version of their fake newspapers.  Several hundred pages of fake (and yet strangely true) news later, I was numb from laughter.  Their online edition is much gentler.  Not because they water down their stinging, biting, bitterly absurd view of the world, but at least you have a chance to recover from your aching belly (from laughing) and your watering eyes (hey, it’s an onion, after all.)

One of their videos went viral recently.  Perhaps you saw it:

Video »
Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As ‘Fun, Watchable’
Star Trek Long time fans of the Star Trek franchise say JJ Abrams’ enjoyable, engaging prequel betrays what Star Trek is all about….more»

Some of their other recent headlines:
Paranoid Optimist Just Knows Someone Is Out To Get Him A Present
Misbuttoned Coat Makes Perfectly Sane Woman Look Like Raving Lunatic

What I love most about The Onion is their ability to fill 18-36 column inches of ridiculousness and keep a straight face the entire time.  I feel that way somedays; who doesn’t?

Etsy Dark Side

I busted a co-worker guiltily blanking her monitor one day.  When I forced her to confess, she introduced me to Etsy, the small designer arts and crafts site.  Thus, she got her revenge.  From Etsy, I discovered Etsy Dark Side, which showcases works dark and dreamy.

Even when I’m not in a position to buy (this thrice-blasted economy) I enjoy looking at the twisted brilliance that goes into some of these efforts.  Consider this gorgeous necklace, perfect for a steampunk heroine, or this… ?!:

The freaky little head is a pirate treasure box from The Pink Pirate shop, made of Fimo clay and glass eyeballs (only where needed, of course). 

I dabble in beading, painting, sculpting, etc. myself, so I am constantly amazed by the imagination and craftsmanship I find on Etsy Dark Side.  Plus, it pleases me to know that for every porcelain Lladro of a slender shepherdess with her adorable flock, on Etsy Dark Side there is a riotgrrl statuette with a battle axe.

Lastly, although I am not a huge fan of reality television (because I have my own dramas, thank you very much) I am drawn to PostSecret.  There’s a series of books based on the premise of anonymously sending a postcard of your deepest secret to a stranger who, priest-like, collects them without judgment and — not priest-like — posts them for other strangers to read. 

Since Frank, the creator, gets 1000 postcards a week, obviously a lot of people have secrets to share.  Every Sunday, a few more secrets appear on the blog.  Most of them would make suitably tortured characters in a romance novel.  Some of the secrets are funny, and some have lessons, including one that made a reader wake up and leave her abusvie boyfriend:

Those 3×5 postcards — like the scraps of information that float around the interwebs — might just be time wasters — or life savers.

Have you ever discovered something on the internet that changed your life, or just tweaked it a bit?  And remember, lives change in small ways too.