Famous Bathroom Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Ceramic Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Ceramic tile ideas for small bathrooms are one of the most widely used tiles in the bathroom. Ceramic tile has a top lacquer glaze to keep them shiny, but that can be problematic if the glaze cracks. Aside from the occasional crack, ceramic tiles are relatively maintenance-free because they are not porous and easy to clean.


A ceramic wall adds a touch of whimsy to your bathroom. Choose the most visible wall in the room ceramic, eg behind an oversized glass shower. Select a mosaic pattern that complements the overall decor of the space, for example a seascape scene for a beach-themed bathroom or snow-covered mountain scenery to complement a rustic cabin feel. The ceramic tile ideas for small bathrooms design is a main focus; fill in around it with additional 4-inch-square tiles in a single color.

Large diamonds with Borders

Create a large diamond pattern with dark ceramic tile ideas for small bathrooms on the back wall shower in your bathroom. Mirror design in the middle of the bathroom floor for continuity. Position 4-inch-square tiles diagonally in the middle of each grid. If you use the 12-inch-square tiles for the remainder of the floor and shower wall, it will highlight the diamond pattern. Design bathroom countertops with 4-inch-square ceramic tile and a ceramic border linking them with wall and floor patterns.

Stripes and squares

Separate large 12-inch-square tiles on the floor and around the shower in your bathroom with stripes of ceramic tiles. The large plates weight to the room, while smaller stripes lighten the mood. Turn the large tiles to reflect a grid pattern around the border wall and floor for added design interest. Use the same combination of large and small tiles on countertops or cover them with only mosaics. Create color block pattern on the floor and on the walls of your bathroom using 9-16 4-inch-square tiles. A nine-tile color block pattern will have three rows of three tiles each in order to create a single color squares. A 16-tile color block pattern will have four rows of four tiles each. Scatter blocks of color randomly throughout the bathroom, separated by white or cream-4-inch square plaques. Offset the bold patterns on the walls and floor with a single color of tile on the bathroom’s counter to match the partition plates elsewhere.

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