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Cheap Guide for Bathroom Tile Cleaning

Bathroom tile cleaning – Nobody wants to clean bathroom tiles. Especially when cleaning them, turns into a toxic nightmare. And we are not referring to dirty mess stuck on floor or walls, but toxic cleaning products that are usually used. Most of usual cleaning products we use have bleach and a number of other chemicals inside them. Cleaning with them makes you want to use a gas mask while cleaning since they often emit many toxic fumes. But in case you did not know, next alternative will make life easier and cleaning a less toxic task.

We have today to offer you a very economical natural recipe and will bathroom tile cleaning and bleach joints and tiles without releasing toxic materials on your face. Mix baking soda, liquid soap (it can be one you use to wash dishes) and hydrogen peroxide in a small bottle with atomizer or simply with a stopper. Sodium bicarbonate scrapes all stains and buildup in water between tiles and hydrogen peroxide will bleach and disinfect naturally.

Apply bathroom tile cleaning mixture to joints of tiles that need a deep cleaning and let it act for 5-10 minutes. This will dissolve all dirt and mold and will make it easier for you to scrub dirt. Or if you do not have very difficult stains simply apply mixture on a soft damp sponge that you use to clean tiles and bathroom. Rub areas and rinse with water. If you want a deeper cleaning cleans process once more where there is still some dirt or residue of hard water or mold.

Once all stains are removed and tile joints look flawless, you may want them to look good if you want to save yourself hassle of washing them again. There is something you can do. Mix a 1: 1 solution of water and vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle. Be sure to label so you do not get confused. After taking a shower spray tiles with this solution. You do not have to do it every day; 2-3 times a week will make a big difference. You’ll see for yourself when you bathroom tile cleaning next time.

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