Bathroom Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Design Ideas Small Bathrooms Decorations

Design ideas small bathrooms – The bathroom can be a tricky area to renovate, given the space constraints. But after a small bathroom does not mean you cannot incorporate some interesting ideas. There are a variety of space-saving options that can provide a functional and attractive bathroom in either plan.

Maximize Corners

Design ideas small bathrooms offers limited possibilities for remodeling. You may be tempted to keep the same size and position for all your fixtures simply for lack of a better idea. One of the best ways to maximize the space available to you in a small bathroom is to use the corners. You can install a corner-mounted sinks, a corner shower cubicle, or even a corner bath. Using features a triangular shape that allows you to shoot two of the sides up against the corner, with a diagonal outward edge. Corner is also ideal for mounting shelves in both the shower and above the sink.

In a design ideas small bathrooms space, you can give the illusion of a larger room by giving as much open floor space as possible. Use a wall-mounted sink and a floating vanity to release the floor. If you still want to use the area under the sink for storage, consider placing baskets filled with towels and toiletries on open shelves. This gives a nice decorative element as well as a storage solution. You can also mount racks in vain for a stylish and practical place to hang towels. Install shelves on the wall above the toilet, and take advantage of the over-the-door towel racks to maximize your storage options while keeping the floor without the clutter.


The space limitations placed on you in a design ideas small bathrooms do not mean you have to skimp on the decor. In fact, the small area provided by a suite allows you to incorporate bolder elements. If you have a favorite color of light that you have been dying to see on the walls, to this rather add to it. While remodeling your small bathroom, take the time to paint the walls. You can also include decorative tiles from floor to shower for countertop. Installing a mirror frame of a funny, or try a different shape, with a round or oval mirror in place of the traditional rectangular piece.


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