Nice Bathroom Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Elegant Bathroom Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Bathroom design ideas for small spaces – small space is best represented with muted, neutral tones. Classic elegance can be created with cloudy gray, shimmering eggshell or sandy beige. These tones can be paired with the simplest accents of black and white on a background of almost any fixture or accent piece working. In small spaces, these bright tones have the added benefit of making the room feel bigger than it actually is.

In your limited space, take as much pleasure as possible. A deep claw-foot tub or sunken tub is great, but bathroom design ideas for small spaces may not have room for this type of operation. Polished tiles surrounding each shower or bath space gives it a clean, attractive finish. A pedestal sink is an elegant touch that hearkens back to the Victorian era. If you want to continue with an antique theme, consider a wall-mounted tank above the toilet, too, that a small but significant tribute to a more refined time.

Wall sconces providing muted, soothing lighting to a bathroom design ideas for small spaces and a small footprint. If you have a bathtub with no shower function, install a chandelier over the bathtub for the ultimate in elegance. Include some scented candles on flat surfaces to give the room an indulgent aroma. Avoid overly harsh lights that can make the room seem glaringly bright.


Little accent pieces can go a long way in small spaces. In rooms such as bathrooms, where there is little to no furniture, this is especially true. An ornate gold or silver frame around the mirror creates a focal point in a stylish bathroom. Use white fluffy towels all to give a feeling of a luxurious hotel. Provide a stack of three or four rolled washcloths in a basket on the counter for washing and drying hands and face. An assortment of small hand soap and lotion next to the sink makes guests feel pampered. Recessed shelves along the walls to save space and provide a little extra space for other pieces as small decorative sculptures to prove even the smallest room in the house is worth some art.

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