Exclusive Porthole Bathroom Cabinet

Elegant Porthole Bathroom Cabinet

Porthole bathroom cabinet – The best bathroom furniture ideas not only make wasted space in a convenient storage area, but also add an artistic accent to your bathroom. Regardless of whether you install inexpensive “stock” pieces or costly custom pieces, upgrading the cabinets creates a new look and style for your entire bathroom. Assorted bathroom cabinet styles also use a variety of door designs, including plain, framed, carved, stained glass and tile insertion. Combine modern plumbing with an antique style for a separate bathroom cabinet with a touch of distinction.

A rich, polished, pink crowns marble countertop of dark oak cabinet rounded with lion claw feet carved for an antique look and bead. One, the swan-shaped gold faucet with flower-shaped handles provides water and an attractive decor. Golden, flower-shaped knobs on each porthole bathroom cabinet door echo the style of the faucet and balance the decorative elements of the piece in general. Turn your bathroom into a shelter in an elegant double closet that consists of a dresser sandwiched between yours and your cabinets. Vid sizes cut out the two dark mahogany doors in each one wide, personal cabinet shape rectangle for a rich style.

Elegant mahogany drawers molded each side of the open dressing table. An elegant, square mahogany stool provides the matching seat for the table. Polished marble slabs ivory cream top closets and dresser to help balance the dark shades of mahogany cabinets. Matching marble sinks and round door cabinet / drawer knobs provide a lush accent. Carved mahogany mirrors carved from vine-hang behind each large closet and echo the details on the doors.

A semicircle-shaped porthole bathroom cabinet cannot offer the most efficient design with space, but it does create curved lines for a sophisticated modern style. Glossy black cabinets and matching door frames inserted with white frosted glass keep the overall look elegant. A black, white, cream-dotted stone counter adds dimension to the design. A, oval, large stainless steel sink complements the, oval, knobs of large stainless steel drawers and adds a spark of light to the mottled counters.

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