Large Framed Bathroom Mirrors

Ideas for Framing Mirrors in Bathroom

Framing mirrors in bathroom – It is not difficult to keep a heavy mirror in plaster, but care must be taken to prevent it from falling. This is a two-person job that can be done with a few tools and materials are available from most hardware stores.


Road mirror to determine the strength rating of the mirror wire and hollow wall anchors. First, weigh yourself, and then weigh yourself again while you hold the mirror. The difference is the weight of the mirror. To attach the D-rings on the back of the framing mirrors in bathroom, measuring a fifth of the length of the mirror from the top of each page and mark with a pen. Drill pilot hole and attached D-rings with screws. Pull forward firmly but not too hard.

Start with a piece of mirror wire about three times the length between the D-rings. The thread through a D-ring leaves a few inches of excess cable. Double knot and twist the excess cable around the corner area several times. Linda twists with electrical tape and trim with the wire clippers if necessary. Run mirror wire through the second D-ring and back to the first one, repeat the knotting process. A helper can help to position the mirror, holding it against the wall. Select a level line on the wall for the top mirror. Mark the midpoint of the mirror, then output the left and right from a distance equal to a quarter of the distance between the D-rings. Draw two vertical lines at those points. The wall anchor will be placed along the vertical lines.

Ask your helper to hold the mirror with the wire against the vertical lines while measuring the distance from the wire to the top of the framing mirrors in bathroom. Mark the wall with measuring down from the top of the frame and install wall anchors on these two points. Erase the pencil lines and hang the mirror thread on the anchor bolts, peeking behind the mirror to adjust until centered and straight.

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