Fantastic Marble Tiled Bathrooms

Marble Tiled Bathrooms Install

Marble tiled bathrooms – Bathrooms are commonly tiled in ceramics, but if you want to make your bathroom project something special, try the marble. Adding a marble floor is a bit more difficult than laying ceramic, however. The edges of the marble tiles are straight cut, so you must make sure that they are completely flat. Using un-sanded grout is important because the grout with sand in it will scratch the marble surface. Snap two lines of your chalk box that cuts in the middle of the room, dividing the floor into four squares. Place a square on the intersection as you snap lines and adjust as necessary to make them 90 degrees to each other.

Use a notched trowel to spread the marble tiled bathrooms mortar over the middle of the floor, at the junction. Spread enough to accommodate three or four plates. Add the first marble tile in the corner of the intersection, bordered by the two lines. Press the other tiles around it, with distances between them. Add your straight board in the first three or four plates, spanning all of them, and tapping the board with your stick, to smooth out the peaks of tiles with each other.

Continue to spread mortar and marble tiled bathrooms, working your way toward the perimeter of the room. Stop after every three or four slabs and smooth the tops with the board and the club. Measure the space between the ends of the last tile in each course wall. Use a wet saw to cut the tiles to fit. Place them with the cut sides against the walls. Let the mortar set for eight to ten hours. Remove the spacers. Use a grout squeegee to spread the un-sanded grout on the floor and into the spaces between the plates, squeezing from the surface. Use a sponge to wipe up any excess grout. Let dry for 24 hours.

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