Latest Light For Bathroom Mirror

Modern Light for Bathroom Mirror

Light for bathroom mirror – Adding a mirror to a wall lamp is a smart idea because it not only adds a feature to the light, it doubles also the amount of light emitted by reflecting it in the room. Wall mounted candle holders have used this little lighting tricks for a few years, but only recently have interior designers are jumping on the bandwagon and add mirror to the electrical wall fittings.

How to add light for bathroom mirror. Decide on the position of the mirror relative to the fixture. The mirror can be cut so that there is a hole in its center where the wall light pierces. A large mirror can be placed in the center of a curved line of wall lights for a bedroom or dressing room, where each light is slit through a hole in the edge of the mirror. Or a piece of mirror can be cut so that the shape of the upper edge corresponds to the shape of the lower edge of the wall light and slide in place. Decide if you want to have a mirror cut to the desired shape, or if you want to buy a finished mirror that already shape and finish you want.

Then to add light for bathroom mirror. Match the mirror to your style of wall lamp. If your wall light is modern and utilitarian, a large, plain mirror or mirror tiles in a geometric shape may be appropriate. If your wall light is traditional in design, selecting a shaped glass to mirror the shape of your light fixture. Determine the type of edge finishing your mirror will have. The most basic type of mirror has a flat, straight cut edge. For more information, choose a mirror with a slightly beveled edge.  Work out what kind of finish your mirror will have.  Take your mirror to your local hardware store or glass-cutting company to trim the size or make a hole for the placement of your light fixture. A glass companies will also be able to add the kind of edge surface you want and create patterns or etching on the glass, if necessary.

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