Fantastic Repainting Bathroom Cabinets

Remove Them before Stripping and Repainting Bathroom Cabinets

Repainting Bathroom Cabinets – you end up really sick of the color of your kitchen cabinets. While they were nice in the 80s when you got the place, you also loved the big hair and leg warmers back then. It’s time to repeat it with more colors than what you love today. The first part of this project is unpacking this cabinet. You do not want to try pulling drawers and knobs. Imagine the chaos of trying to strip the paint around the drawer, then after it’s done, painting around the drawer attractively without making a mess. It’s impossible. Instead, you’ll probably end up having to take a drawer on the spot, to clean the paint. Better do it to get started.

After all the hardware comes out of cabinets and drawers, you need to clean the stuff before repainting bathroom cabinets. You do not need dirt and debris blocking strippers trying to do their job. Now prepare the workspace. Remember, you work with things to eat through paint. It does not just mean the paint you intentionally use, but the painted surface touches. If you do this work inside, be sure to cover other things in the room that are not meant to be stripped. The best way to do this project is to take a piece that you can use on the outside.

Most strippers are relatively easy to use. You will put enough strippers on the wood. Do not be stingy. So let it do its job. How long will it take depends on the stripper you have chosen for your project. Read the instructions to find out how long you have to wait. Before you delete everything, see if it works. Using plastic scraper paint, push along the painted surface area. Paint should start appearing in the scraper. If so, the wood is ready to be removed. If not, you may have to wait a little longer. When you are ready to disarm, do not expect everything to come off. Sometimes you will get one layer of paint, but some areas will remain painted. That’s the article about repainting bathroom cabinets that we can tell you everything may be useful.


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