Rule Tiles for Bathroom Floors Tile

The tendency to choose bathroom floors tile is not only beautiful but also durable and suitable for the general design of the house. So the power and aesthetics are important factors to understand, in the article below we introduce some basic rules that you can understand when choosing floor tiles for the bathroom.

A bathroom is a place where high humidity should work first need to treat moisture for the rough, the next step is to choose the type of brick suited to the needs such as features anti-slip to ensure safety.

If your bathroom is small and you want to make the room bigger then you should use light colored bathroom floors tile. Dark bricks will make the room impressive, have a stronger effect but if not designed enough light, will be easy to cause cramped feeling. One solution that many people like is the combination of neutral colored floor tiles with dark and light colored tiles.

About Size Bathroom Floors Tile

Choose tiles of suitable size for bathroom floor area and wall tiles. With bathroom area is size 25cm x 25cm floor tiles and wall tiles size 25cm x 40cm. With a medium size bathroom: 30cm x 30cm floor tiles and 30cm x 40cm wall tiles. With large bathrooms: 30cm x 30cm or 45cm x 45cm floor tiles and 45cm x 90cm wall tiles.

About aesthetics bathroom floors tile with monochromatic, homeowners should choose shiny bright shades to clean space, airy, monochrome tiles suitable for bathroom space is small, narrow. At present, the floor tiles appear as rough and lumpy as they are luxurious and easy to mix with cold colors on the wall. However, this type of brick also has the disadvantage of being more susceptible to water and difficult to clean than other tiles.

W patterned floor tiles, you should choose a simple pattern with shiny shades like milk white color, pastel color if the bathroom area is small will help to make the space more spacious and airy. Also if you want to break the way, you can choose a type of brick.

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