Great Shower Tile Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Shower Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms Design

Shower tile ideas for small bathrooms present design challenges. Not only does the space need to be functional, many homeowners wish to make the room look bigger than it actually is. While proper layout and right bathroom fixtures can help, floor tiles can also help to enhance the appearance of the room. With the number of ceramic tiles on the market in 2011, it is possible to maximize the potential of any small bathroom space.

Large and Simple

Shower tile ideas for small bathrooms for some contemporary small bathrooms, the most appealing floor tile treatment are large format, single tile. Use tiles that are 12 inches or larger, with uniform shape and color. Lay the plates in a straight pattern for square bathroom floors and on a diagonal in long, narrow bathrooms. The fewer joints in the larger plates, together with a solid color, will help create an illusion of space on the floor. Match the grout tile, and try to use straight-edged tiles to minimize the size of the joints and enhance the effect. A rule of thumb in small bathrooms is to keep the color scheme light. This applies to the floor as well. Choose ceramic tiles in bright colors, and if possible, shiny glazes. The reflective color quality of glaze will create an illusion of depth while the bright color opens the space. Avoid using slick wall panels on the floor; these make the surface hall.

Keep the floors and walls in the same

Another way to open a small bathroom is to use the same material on floors and walls, at least for panel height. With the same color on ceramic tiles, without the BMC breaking it up will cause the eye to travel in an unbroken line from floor to wall. This creates an illusion of space and openness in space. Separate between floor and wall using the same color tiles in two sizes and two textures, such as shiny and matt or in two patterns. Shower tile ideas for small bathrooms run the same floorboards straight into the shower, using a mosaic size on the shower floor as well.

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