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Shades of Gray
by Annette McCleave on April 14th, 2009

S.J. Day’s resume includes a variety of odd jobs ranging from amusement park employee to POW interrogator. She’s presently a full-time writer. A native Southern Californian, S.J. thinks there’s no place like home, but she loves to travel. Her adventures have taken her to Japan, Holland, Germany, France, Mexico, Jamaica, and all over the United States. Next week, they take her to the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Orlando, Florida, where she’s looking forward to meeting readers and writers alike. Or you can meet her from the comfort of your home over at her website:

S.J.’s alter ego, Sylvia Day, is well known for her evocative and highly sensual historical romances. The world S.J. has created in her new urban fantasy series, Marked, is certainly evocative. And exciting. And gripping. She’s built a world where demons and angels and all sorts of interesting creatures take hold of your imagination and never let go. She’s here today to dish the goods on her two hot heroes, those infamous brothers, Cain and Abel.

S.J. kindly gave away an ARC of Eve of Darkness to our Silk and Shadow Dwellers in February and she’s offering one lucky commenter an ARC of Eve of Destruction today. Be sure to comment for your chance to win!


sjdayIt’s a widely held rule of thumb that one should avoid discussing politics and religion in mixed company. Such topics are so divisive that it’s difficult to bring them up without sparking heated debate. That being said, it’s hard for me to avoid the topic of religion while talking about the heroes of my Marked series — Cain and Abel. However, since my guys are fictional–of course–we’ll just look at them that way. :wink:

One of the biggest questions I’m asked is: what inspired you to write a series wrapped around the most infamous brothers in history? My answer isn’t very helpful I’m afraid. I was in the shower (where many of my ideas are born) and Eve’s story popped into my head fully formed. I knew her and her story, and I knew she was torn between Cain and Abel. Honestly, I just *knew* it. Dripping water and wrapped in a towel, I grabbed my laptop and typed out what was fresh in my mind before it escaped me forever.

But spontaneous premise aside, I’ve always been fascinated with the tale of Cain and Abel. I’m not the first to think, “There’s more to that story.” There are other, non-canonized texts that didn’t make it into the Bible we’re familiar with. The First and Second Books of Adam and Eve and the Book of Jubilees all delve a bit more into the story than Genesis, but there are still a lot of mysteries that we can’t yet know the answers to.

So, I took creative license: I gave Cain the benefit of the doubt. There are two sides to every story, I always say. I blended the white that is Abel and the black that is Cain to make two gray men. Neither is perfect and neither is evil. They have more in common than not, as most siblings do, and they happen to fall in love with the same woman.

Marked Series

While the advance reading copies of the first two books have been circulating, I’ve found it interesting (and delightful) that readers clearly like one brother over the other. So far, it’s Cain who’s won the most hearts. As a writer, there’s a joy in knowing that with the right spotlight on a character, even an infamous murderer can become a beloved hero. I wish I could take credit for that, but really I’m just the narrator.

Do I have a favorite brother? No. I’m hoping that more readers will come to see Abel as a worthy challenger for my heroine’s attentions. Maybe, because I’m inclined to root for underdogs. Maybe, because they’re equally yummy in my eyes.

How about you? Do you have a favorite story where you rooted for the “bad boy”? Have you ever read a story where you feel like the wrong guy got the girl?

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by Jessa Slade on February 9th, 2009


Cursed by God, hunted by demons, desired by Cain and Abel… EVE OF DARKNESS

S.J. Day, who’ll be guest blogging with us in April, has offered one of our lucky commenters this week an ARC of the first book in her Marked series, EVE OF DARKNESS. This fabulous new urban fantasy trilogy from Tor releases back-to-back starting in April. To learn more about Eve, the books, or SJ, visit her website at

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