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Mistletoe and mayhem
by Annette McCleave on December 23rd, 2008

Like Jessa, my books involve battles with demons, and I don’t often think of my characters celebrating Christmas.

But some of them definitely do.

I have human characters as well as immortal characters in each of my stories, and the world in which they live is very much like this one. Christmas trees, presents, turkeys. The usual stuff. I can easily picture them sitting around the holiday table discussing Peace on Earth. More specifically, discussing how they’re intending to ensure it comes to pass.

I’ve also got angels, and let’s face it, those celestial beings see Christmas as a pretty significant event. I don’t see them doing a lot of caroling on high, though. Usually, they’re busy preventing demons from spoiling the celebrations.

As for the Soul Gatherers? Most of them have seen a few too many Christmases already and would much rather avoid the whole sordid mess. Besides, demons don’t take a break from stealing souls on Christmas Day, so taking time off to relax in front of the fireplace is really just wishful thinking.


Just just thinking about Christmas in Soul Gatherer country makes me grateful for the quiet moments I’ll spend with my family, the pleasure I’ll get in watching my daughter open her gifts, and the hugs I’ll get in return. Of course, if one of those hunky Gatherers needs some company over the holidays, I’ll be there for him, too.

How about you? How will you spend your holidays?