Exclusive Bathroom Cabinets With Sinks

To Replace a Bathroom Cabinets with Sinks

Bathroom cabinets with sinks – Replacing the sink in your bathroom counter is an easy project. And also a good introduction to do it yourself plumbing. You’ve never worked with plumbing before? If you have the basic tools of experience you can accomplish this task in an afternoon. The project is easiest if you replace your original sink with a sink of about the same size. To replace a bathroom cabinets with sinks, starting with turn off the water supply to the house. Turns on the water faucets in your bathroom sink and run water to the taps are dry. This removes the last of the water between the cut-off and cranes.

Open government under the sink and empty it. Lay a folded towel on the bottom to catch any drips. Disconnection P-trap, curved pipe under the sink, by removing large nuts on both ends of the joint. Use your big wrench. Next, let P-trap carefully. It still contains water in turn and empties it into your Bathtub drain. Disconnected water pipes by unscrewing screws Hexagonal with your pliers. Scrape and cut away any glue or repair keeps the sink in place. Pull out the old sink on bathroom cabinets with sinks. The sinks are relatively easy, but very difficult. You might want another person’s help for this step. Set new sink in place. Verve helper for this.

After that, connect the water pipes to new sink drain. Suitable P-trap and tighten nuts. Run a bead of caulk along the seam of the new sink; wipe off excess with a towel. Depending on your counter and sink running this gem underneath or on top of your counter. Turn the water to the house again. Run the new sink to test the water and sewage systems. Tips and warnings to replace bathroom cabinets with sinks: If the new sink is larger than the old sink, you need to expand the hole in the countertop. You can do this with a jigsaw or even a handsaw. If the new sink is less, replace the countertop completely.

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