Beautiful Granite Countertops Bathroom Vanity

Update the Granite Countertops Bathroom Vanity

Granite countertops bathroom vanity – This short article is really not about redoing bathrooms. Our bathroom was already done. The problem was that it was made in the 70’s and it looked it. From linoleum countertops, mosaic floor tiles, the two handled the tub faucets to striped wallpaper; this bathroom is showing its age. Instructions are Demolition: the first step was to remove everything that was unwanted. Since a lot of the stuff was heavy and awkward to take things apart helpful. The sink heat and cold and drain valves were disconnected from the sources in the Cabinet, and linoleum kitchen table was pried out vanity. Then there was removed, and the vanity was screwed and then pried away from the wall.

Where the strips were removed, the remaining wallpaper glue soaked like a sponge. We took our time about this – it was too boring to do in one day, but in the course of a week, we managed to scrape the wall bare. When the wallpaper was removed completely and the floor was bare, we put in a new floor. We took a desert gold granite countertops bathroom vanity top and found some gold and cream-white 13 “square porcelain tile that was a good match for it.

After making the floor, we painted the walls. First, we removed all the earlier blue accessories (soap dish, towel and toilet paper holder rod, and the like) and overlap the remaining holes in the wall with spackle and mesh tape. Some of spackling came out very well, but some were still so noticeably patched. Best results were obtained with several light coats of spackle over the tape. Then, we sanded the wall, and made a final check to remove all fragments of wallpaper glue. We then prime the wall and spent two coats of paint. At the bottom of the wall, we used pre-painted mildew resistant casting. Some pieces that are near a shower or bath to be sealed at the top and bottom to keep the wall dry. Finished the manufacture of bathroom vanity countertops

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