Cute Wall Mount Bathroom Sink With Cabinet

Wearing Wall Mount Bathroom Sink with Cabinet

Wall mount bathroom sink with cabinet – Measure the space you have available to know which furniture is appropriate. Depending on the furniture you choose, buy the recessed wash basin that best matches the furniture and your tastes. Take advantage to renovate the bathroom with new mirrors and accessories. First, remove the old basin, step by step then place the furniture and placing the sink. Assemble the tap chosen for the sink that is too fitted in the cabinet. Screw the stem through the underside of the sink. Do not forget to put the gasket and metal fixture.

Also, install the drain valve before mounting the lavatory on the cabinet. Spread several silicone dots over the two side walls of the cabinet. Insert the sink between the walls of the cabinet. Place the hoses in the shroud fittings. Install the drain trap. If it does not match the previous position, adjust the pipes or install a flexible drain pipe. Adjust the tightness of all mechanisms and keys so that everything is perfectly installed. Open the stop valves and check that there are no leaks in the faucet or leakage through the gaskets. Spread a silicone cord on the joint between the wall mount bathroom sink with cabinet. Spend a wet finger in soapy water to equalize and remove the leftover.

Place the doors, if they were not assembled, and put the crates bearing wall mount bathroom sink with cabinet. Place the drawers for drawers and doors, depending on the manufacturer’s model. Installation of mirror and bathroom accessories. Mark the height and position where you will place the mirror. Place the plates and screws anchoring the mirror, if hanging. Follow the installation instructions, in any case. Place the mirror and check that it has been leveled. If the mirror incorporates own lights, first you have to make appropriate electrical connections at the terminals of the lighting system.

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