Good Bathroom Corner Cabinets With Mirror

When Bathroom Space Is Limited, A Bathroom Corner Cabinets with Mirror

Using bathroom corner cabinets with mirror is a good way to save space, especially if the room is small. If the bathroom is only half bath, as is often used for guest facilities near the party room, then the situation is even more critical. Unless you’re a contractor, you probably do not know what your local pipeline code is saying about the placement of bathroom facilities. The toilet must have at least 30 “space to sit and the sink takes 20”. This means that if you are considering installing these two fixtures on the same wall, you need more than 4 feet of wall space.

By putting the toilet or sink in the corner, it takes a little space on the wall. So if the walls are long enough, you can enter a rather bigger sink or vanity. Manufacturers of bathroom facilities know this, so many of them make corner fixtures. One of the difficulties of installing a sink in the corner is bathroom corner cabinets with mirror cannot be exposed to the wall, so they will stick to a usable space above the sink. If this is a problem, then you can use a cabinet hidden in one corner of the wall, and put a mirror on another wall.

When it’s time to choose bathroom corner cabinets with mirror, you’ll be somewhat limited in your choice, because the request is not as high as this feature. Even so, other features you might be looking for are available: wood or metal door, mirror or unmirrored, glass or metal rack, towel rack. Prices range from about $ 150 for a simple NuTone metal cabinet with mirrors up to over $ 1300 for ultra-luxury Robern Deep Corner cabinets. It even has a magnifying swing mirror in addition to a large slanted mirror on the door. And it has side lighting, which gives your face a more flattering look. So for a small bathroom, a corner cabinet might be the best way to save that precious wall space.



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